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We have a genuine enthusiasm for food and want this to shine through everything we do. From the first cooked meal of the day to the last fresh coffee of the evening, consistent quality is paramount. Our close-knit team of chefs fervently believe that offering the best food revolves entirely around the very freshest, locally sourced ingredients, simply prepared and elegantly presented. Nothing pretentious or unnecessarily complicated, just very good, honest food.
Great British Pub Awards 2018 – Best Dining Pub South West

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Hall and Woodhouse – Best Food Pub 2018

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31 Aug 2018 Christmas Party Lunch Menu

31 Aug 2018 Christmas Party Evening Menu

31 Aug 2018 Christmas Day Menu

31 Aug 2018 Summer Menu

15 Jun 2018 Hall and Woodhouse announce the results of their Pub Of The Year 2018

Did you know that eating granola is not the best way to start the day? What milk does not make bones stronger and which eggs are not harmful to health?

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Breaking Myths and Paradigms, Food: After all, what should we eat? presents scientific research in a clear and didactic way, in addition to bringing tasty recipes, healthy and with ecologically and socially sustainable ingredients. Simply and straightforward, Dr. Mark Hyman painstakingly describes all food groups and explains what we tend to miss, revealing which nutrients help to improve our health and which are a threat to a full and energized life.

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A guide to the power of food that will ensure health and well-being alongside your family and friends for many, many years

Infections, diabetes, depression, heart disease. Whatever the illness, the routine is the same: after examination and consultation, most doctors are restricted to prescribing a medicine to the patient. Alternative treatments are not mentioned, and preventive medicine seems a distant reality. The result is that thousands of lives are lost prematurely because of diseases that could have been prevented or reversed. But do not need be like that.

Written by Dr. Michael Greger, Eating Not to Die is a feeding style that can prevent, control, and even reverse many of today’s leading causes of death: a plant-based diet, as it is known by specialists. With clear language and practical tools that tell us what to eat, when and in what quantity, the book draws on academic studies to demystify the science behind this form of revolutionary nutrition and shows that adopting it is far from being an animal of seven heads.
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The Wheelwright

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